About the slow game

My slow game is designing clothing, it’s my passionate hobby, my vibe. Growing up you’d always find me creating something in my room. It’s the thing that made me “tick”.
With 13 years since graduating with a fashion degree and 10 years experience in the fashion industry specialising in my streetwear label Beats Clothing I can say I’m truly excited and proud to bring you The Slow Game.
The idea came to me as right now we live on a block with inspirational characters who have found their slow game. Their quest/hobby that can last a lifetime, where time slows down and they are happy to leave something on the table to play the “game” again tomorrow.

My Quest is to create unique edgy lifestyle clothes in a way that impacts the natural world as little as possible. Through the use of using dead stock fabrics and fabrics made from natural organic fibres or recycled materials. Being slow fashion our made in house options keep waste to a minimum, by being sewn to order locally in Dunedin NZ there is no excess stock or unsold garments with our online store. If garments are outsourced they are from GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards) approved fair trade organisations.

I'm are excited to see what we can create for the future when even more sustainable eco resources come locally available to the fashion industry in New Zealand.