Fabric Info

Is Hemp organic?
Hemp is an environmentally friendly crop which requires no pesticides or herbicides when grown, therefore producing “organic” and environmentally friendly products. We have found it hard to find certificated organic as most hemp producers do not go to the effort of certifying their hemp product – with the exception of those used for food.
100% hemp fabrics are considered “organic” however hemp blends may not, unless blended with, for example, organic cotton.

Is hemp sustainable?
Hemp is among the earth’s primary renewable resources!
Hemp is an excellent rotation crop: it crowds out weeds and its deep tap roots break up hard soils. It enriches soil and prevents erosion. One acre of hemp can produce as much usable fiber as 4 acres of trees or 2 acres of cotton.
Hemp fabric also requires fewer chemicals than cotton and is stronger and longer lasting. Cotton also has a drinking problem….it requires extensive water supplies! Hemp requires less water than cotton and grows in a wide variety of climates. Hemp also doesn’t require the huge amounts of herbicides and pesticides and fertilizers that cotton does.
Hemp is king over all fabrics so we definitely try to find hemp fabrics we can use first before organic cottons.