Rebranding Beats to the Slow Game.


I feel this rebrand is where I've started heading with Beats over the last few years.
We started out where we were lucky enough to boom onto the Nz streetwear scene in 2012, expanding into the coolest stores throughout Nz and Australia I could only dream of!
After an epic ride in that fast paced industry we ended up scaling right back however changing the brand with our life into a slow fashion less stock more made to order vibed brand where I think the Slow Game can really capture the shift and uniqueness of this time.
The Slow game will take on the creative soul of Beats Clothing, even carry the popular Spartan Slacks through. But also delve into a focus of materials using deadstock fabrics and eco sustainable options.
I'm excited, Slow eco clothing with a personality in small and limited runs will be the starting focus and we will see where the future takes us.